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8/20/2019 Review: UniFi from Ubiquiti Networking is the ultimate prosumer home networking solution
8/8/2019 The PICO-8 Virtual Fantasy Console is an idealized constrained modern day game maker
5/1/2019 Did I leave the garage door open? A no-code project with Azure IoT Central and the MXChip DevKit
4/25/2019 Software Defined Radio is a great way to bridge the physical and the digital and teach STEM
4/11/2019 Blocking ads before they enter your house at the DNS level with pi-hole and a cheap Raspberry Pi
3/29/2019 Displaying your realtime Blood Glucose from NightScout on an AdaFruit PyPortal
1/29/2019 Visiting The National Museum of Computing inside Bletchley Park - Can we crack Enigma with Raspberry Pis?
1/23/2019 How to use Windows 10's built-in OpenSSH to automatically SSH into a remote Linux machine
1/18/2019 Remote debugging with VS Code on Windows to a Raspberry Pi using .NET Core on ARM
1/16/2019 Installing the .NET Core 2.x SDK on a Raspberry Pi and Blinking an LED with System.Device.Gpio
12/26/2018 Using Visual Studio Code to program Circuit Python with an AdaFruit NeoTrellis M4
11/23/2018 Upgrading the DakBoard Family Calendar with Raspberry Pi Zero W and Read Only filesystem
11/21/2018 How to build a Wall Mounted Family Calendar and Dashboard with a Raspberry Pi and cheap monitor
11/1/2018 .NET Core and .NET Standard for IoT - The potential of the Meadow Kickstarter
8/10/2018 Building the Ultimate Developer PC 3.0 - The Parts List for my new computer, IronHeart
7/31/2018 One click deploy for MakeCode and the amazing AdaFruit Circuit Playground Express
3/20/2018 Turn your Raspberry Pi into a portable Touchscreen Tablet with SunFounder's RasPad
1/29/2018 Building a Raspberry Pi Car Robot with WiFi and Video
1/8/2018 Exploring the Azure IoT Arduino Cloud DevKit
6/21/2017 Solved: Surface Pro 3 USB Driver Issues with the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit
12/27/2016 Exploring the Tessel 2 IoT and robotics development board
12/20/2016 Connecting my Particle Photon Internet of Things device to the Azure IoT Hub
12/14/2016 Playing with an Onion Omega IoT device to show live Blood Sugar on an OLED screen
10/18/2016 Learning Arduino the fun way - Writing Games with Arduboy
3/23/2016 How to set up a Raspberry Pi 3 from scratch (with video)!
3/15/2016 Building Visual Studio Code on a Raspberry Pi 3
3/9/2016 Finding the Perfect Mouse
3/2/2016 The Importance of the LED Moment - I DID THAT
8/9/2015 Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard - Dual Bluetooth Pairing and Three Operating Systems
6/23/2015 Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Micro-HDMI not working? Easy fix.
4/2/2015 Setting up a VPN and Remote Desktop back into your home with a Synology (from an iPhone)
4/1/2015 March was for Makers - Fantastic Hardware Tutorials, Videos, Podcasts and more!
3/14/2015 Bridging Dexcom Share CGM Receivers and Nightscout
3/10/2015 Arduino 101 with an Intel Edison - Hooking up JSON to an LCD Screen
3/3/2015 How to run ASP.NET 5 Beta 3 or GoLang on a Raspberry Pi 2
7/26/2013 Choosing the right Portable Power Phone/Tablet/Gadget Battery Charger
4/27/2013 Review: The Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch is my new laptop
11/8/2012 Many Raspberry Pi projects - How can you not love a tiny computer?
10/23/2012 Cloud-Controlled Remote Pan Tilt Zoom Camera API for a Logitech BCC950 Camera with Azure and SignalR
9/5/2012 Initial Impressions of the 3rd Generation Ivy Bridge Intel Ultrabook Reference Hardware for Developers on Windows 8
8/6/2012 Adding AirPlay to a Receiver without an Apple TV - Raspbmc and the Raspberry Pi
7/30/2012 Top 10 Raspberry Pi Myths and Truths
12/19/2011 Your New Year's Resolution - Put an end to spinning rust and buy yourself a SSD
1/4/2011 Adding a Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router WNDR3700 to an existing FIOS Wireless AP for improved wireless coverage
12/8/2010 BACKUP YOUR CRAP: Missing Operating System, Backups, Disk Images, Home Servers, BootRec, BootMgr, RebuildBCD, FixBoot and Problems, Plural
11/22/2010 The Weekly Source Code 57 -Controlling an Eagletron TrackerPod with C# 4, ASP.NET MVC and jQuery
10/5/2010 Hanselminutes on 9 - Inside Ward Cunningham's Hardware Basement
9/20/2010 The Best Controller for FPS - A SpaceTec SpaceOrb 360 Controller working with Windows 7 using Arduino and OrbShield
9/12/2010 Configuring two wireless routers with one SSID (network name) at home for free roaming
9/7/2010 The .NET Micro Framework - Hardware for Software People
8/20/2010 Hanselminutes Podcast 226 - Building your own Ultimate Developer PC 2.0 with Pete Brown
7/27/2010 Ultimate Developer PC 2.0 - Part 3 - UPDATE on Building a WEI 7.9 and RFC for building a GOM (God's Own Machine)
7/13/2010 Ultimate Developer PC 2.0 - Part 2 - UPDATE and PODCAST on Building a WEI 7.9 and RFC for building a GOM (God's Own Machine)
6/23/2010 Ultimate Developer PC 2.0 - Part 1 - Building a WEI 7.9 and RFC for building a GOM (God's Own Machine)

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